Our Food

Mr Sub has paved its way in the Indian food market by offering delicacies that are not only healthy, but delicious too. Ours has been amongst the first of its kind outlet in terms of healthy food that encompasses freshness and quality in its wide assortment of offerings.

Our extended Menu to cater to varied taste buds

Our menu has been meticulously devised to include both Indian and International delicacies, rendering the right mix of balanced and exotic flavours to cater to the taste preferences of the Indian audience. All our delicacies are accentuated by options being provided at every turn, right from choosing from the wide assortment of freshly baked bread to rich and flavoursome sauces and fresh veggies.

The fact that we serve freshly baked bread daily substantiates the overall warm experience that our guests receive at our stores. The freshness of our bread is attributable to the fact that we bake them twice a day because we know that freshly baked bread sure do make healthier sandwiches.

The ‘Originals’ range of Subs, staying true to its name, brings about the classic assortment of submarine sandwiches like Veggie & Cheese, Potato Paneer Patty, Spicy Vegetable Patty and Vegetable Seekh Kebab. These subs appeal to our guests without sending them into a guilt trip after a wholesome meal. In our ‘Craveables’ range, we have introduced truly craving inducing subs with delicious vegetarian fillings such as the traditional Tandoori Paneer Tikka, the Spicy Paneer Tikka for those who prefer a slight zing of spice in their food, the Mexican Patty or the Spicy Sambal Veggie Balls.

We also provide delicious non vegetarian variants such as the Pizza Submarine Sandwich and Spicy Sambal Chicken Meatballs. In the ‘Delectables’ category, we have introduced scrumptious fillings such as the Achari Chicken Tikka and Chicken Seekh. Additionally, to satiate the international taste buds, we have introduced exotic delicacies like the Italian Herb Chicken and the Club Submarine Sandwich.

Our ‘Premium’ range includes the very unique Curried Shredded Soya and Assorted Chicken and Bacon Sub, for customers who prefer going for a fuller and an exotic meal. Our menu weaves around another surprise by offering all these tasty variants in wraps and wholesome salads.

Sourcing fresh produce has always been at the heart of everything we do!

With the aim of receiving fresh produce in our kitchen, we work closely with regional distributors. Every day, restaurant team members chop and prepare our fresh and crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes and onions. Our Iceberg lettuce arrives at our restaurants as a crisp whole head, and then throughout the day it is washed, cut and prepared for our subs, wraps and salads.

Our menu is designed keeping in mind the dietary needs of our customers. Our nutritious delicacies exemplify the fact that it is possible for anyone to dine out and still opt for healthy choices. All in all, your search for a deliciously healthy food that can be wrapped up in a budget meal, ends at Mr Sub as we bring to you a wholesome meal, from a wide range of delicacies to choose from.