Brand story

The Yorkville neighbourhood has always been the mecca for action and excitement in Toronto, Canada. Sprawling with colourful boutiques and home to a large number of noisy coffee houses, the vicinity has been a narrow avenue packed from end to end with people who are in search for decent dine-out options around. And on this avenue itself, came two friends with a bright idea: to prepare fresh and quality food, serve it fast and more importantly, give all customers value for their money.

The two founders raised a total of $1500 initially, and with the same idea of making fresh sandwiches, they opened their first store as ‘Mr Submarine’ at 130, Yorkville Avenue, in 1968. Needless to say, the response was awe-inspiring and that led them to open their second outlet, and since then, there has been no looking back.

At Mr Sub, it didn’t take us long to realise what exactly our customers were longing for- fresh and high quality food, without sending them back to a guilt trip of eating anything that is not healthy. This, in turn, helped us in connecting with the masses so well. In 1990 Mr.Submarine officially became Mr.Sub and was purchased by the MTY Food Group Inc. in 2011.Today, Mr Sub boasts over 300 outlets across Canada and outside. The first store paved it way in India in 2014, and today, we have numerous stores opened in various prime locations in Delhi/NCR.

Everyone enjoys a good sub, and we have taken this up a notch by offering various kinds of breads, sauces and toppings options to our guests. Our menu boasts of not only Indian, but delicious International flavours as well, making ours an ideal stopover for a scrumptious meal, right from its inception.

To be able to successfully match the taste palates of the Indian audience, we have introduced delicious Indian flavoured delicacies. Tandoori flavours like tandoori chicken tikka and tandoori paneer tikka and hot & spicy flavours like spicy sambal veggie balls and curried soya are some of our delicious offerings that our Indian audience can, very comfortably, relate to.

Without doubt, it instils a sense of pride in us by stating that there is a lifetime of history in every Mr Sub store. Whether it is our first restaurant opened at the height of the hippie era or our country-wide franchise that we know today, Mr Sub has come a long way. However, while we, at Mr Sub, have evolved a great deal during this time, the one thing that continues to remain the same is our zest and commitment to be able to serve scrumptious delicacies in subs, wraps and salads to our guests in a soothing ambience that they would love to keep coming back to.