Whenever it comes to eating healthy, there are innumerable myths and varying notions that revolve aroundthe idea. A lot of people perceive the thought of equating a “healthy” meal with being “tasteless” which is not necessarily true. Its’ about time we train our minds to knock off these underlying bandwagons as long as healthy eating habits are concerned.

Eating healthy is not about stern dietary limitations, depriving ourselves of our favourite food or staying unrealistically slim. So just get over it soon! It is rather about feeling good about ourselves and the food that we eat, having more energy and above all keepingcalm and stabilized. We need not feel overwhelmed by all the contradictory diet advices out there. It appears like for every expert telling usthat a specific food is good for you, we end up findingsomeone elsesaying just the opposite. It’s customary for all of us to get confused by all the conflicting suggestions. Let’s cut through the entiredilemma and learn how to choose a varied, delicious and healthy diet that’s good for our mind as well as our body.

Here, we present to you, some tactics for your mind, body and soul that can help in enriching your life for as long as you can think of, because we all know how important it is to look beautiful both inside and out.


    • Eating healthy does not necessarily have to be a lost art. The habits of eating meals that are both delicious and nutritious at the same time should be inculcated in an individual right from the formative years.

    • No wonder it is suggested that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Mornings are the best time for a fuller meal as this is when our digestion is at its peak. A scrumptious breakfast serves a fuel for our body, thereby keeping us energetic all day long to perform all those enduring tasks with zeal.

    • Because most of us struggle with the idea of incorporating a health regime in our daily routine, it is pivotal for us to frame our day and dedicate time for an optimum work out in a way we that we find best and that fits into our schedule. Not only does it help in keeping us in shape, but also keeps us geared up for a long day planned ahead of us.

    • In addition to our daily dose of exercise, it is also a suggested practice to engage ourselves into at least one hobby that we are really passionate about. It keeps our souls happy and mind active. So, time we pick up our long lost hobby of going for kick boxing or to our favourite salsa class!

    • Experts advise to drink a minimum oftwo bottles of water daily. Not only does it help in rejuvenatingour skin and keeping it all glowing but it also helps in speedy digestion of food in the body.

    • It comes as no surprise how steamed or boiled veggies can be so boring and how desperately we all want to escape from the nightmarish idea of feeding ourselves with those. Well not really! We can always cook them in a way that makes them more delicious, without depriving ourselves of the essential nutrients that they might render.

    • It’s OK to indulge in splurges at times. You can eat healthy 80% of the time and dive into your favourite savoury or dessert that you have been wanting to for long for the remaining 20% of the times. This saves you from the stress of calculating your calories all the time and can give you a kick before you resume to your healthy eating spree again.


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